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Dear Home and/or Business owners,

By now you've considered the possibility of using your roof space to harness the nearly unlimited supply of sunlight in Australia and to own a solar system. But you've been waiting for just the right moment...

What you may not know is that more than 18% of owner-occupied homes in Australia have made the switch - and why wouldn't they? In the last 5 years, the average cost of electricity usage has doubled, and almost tripled in the last 10!

In fact, in 2017 alone, some states are paying up to 17% more than the previous year, and electricity retailers have already announced similar forecasts for 2018. And at the end of the year, what do you have to show for it? Not. One. Thing.

So ask yourself, is it time to see what your home or business could start saving IMMEDIATELY, just by installing a tier 1 system, with guaranteed performance warranty of 25 to 30 years?

Using savings directly from your electricity bill, most systems have paid for themselves in the first 2-5 years, and require $0 upfront. So you literally get paid to own your own system and reduce your dependence on grid electricity by up to 80% - all while saving the planet. We call that the WIN-WIN-WIN guarantee.

So what do you have to lose? Request a free zero-obligation property report a see if now really is the right time to switch and save.

Your Solar Power Co. Solution

The Solar Power Co. helps Australian homes and businesses save on their energy by switching to solar-generated and 100% renewable energy solutions. We work with our customers, and the government-funded financial incentives to educate the Australian market on their options while tailoring products from market-leading partners to ensure savings and satisfaction!

Tier-1 Solar Panels sized to fit your specific usage and behaviours
Premium inverters manage and monitor the converted solar power for your property
Use premium low / no interest Green Finance solutions to ensure a zero out of pocket investment
Protect your family or business from current and future electricity price rises
Do your part to reduce greenhouse gases while saving tens of thousands of dollars

Home & Residential

With the rising price of electricity, households throughout Australia are paying more for the same amount of power. As technology takes a strong hold on our lives, people are looking for sustainable long-term energy solutions. The sun sends enough energy to the Earth in one hour to power our globe for an entire year. We work with all homeowners so they understand how to capture that energy and use it to power their most valued possession & everything inside of it.

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Small to Medium Business & Farmers

For a long time, clients have felt they only benefit from Solar if they can use the power as it's being generated - day time usage. With Feed-In Tariffs on the rise, this perception is becoming less and less. For the majority of business owners operating in Australia, 80% of their electricity usage is during the Peak sun hours. If you own a business & have an unobstructed roof, you can power everything inside of it using the sun. With prices averaging 4c to 7c per kW/h with Solar, it's absolute madness to not have an assessment immediately. Our team will complete a site inspection & bill analysis session with you. From there we will put together a detailed proposal outlining the true benefit of capturing the suns energy to power your business in 2018 & beyond.

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Large Scale Commercial

While Australia has the greatest potential for solar power than any other country in the world, it is also among the highest carbon polluters in the world per capita. Large businesses use large amounts of Coal electricity & they pay a tonne for it. Using the gigantic roof space available in most large scale commercial buildings, business owners have seen 40-80% reductions in electricity bills. It costs far less money to generate a kW from Solar then it does from Coal. The government supports large business through Large Scale Certificates which reduce pay back periods to under 4 years! Our team can walk you through the Solar opportunity available for your business today.

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Solar installations through the roof, as Australians deliver record growth

Extraordinary figures continue to roll in from the year that was for renewable energy in Australia, but easily the most outstanding so far are the numbers – and “eye watering charts” – that have just come in on national solar PV installations for 2017. The latest tally from PV market analysts SunWiz has revealed a record smashing total so far of 1.25GW of solar PV installed across 2017, making it out and away the biggest year for the market in Australia ever, eclipsing the former record set in 2012.

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Happy Customers

Professional, informed and direct. We’ve been thinking about solar for years but have always been put off by pushy sales people. This experience was much, much better.

Robyn P. Taylors Lakes

The installation and after sales service went exactly as promised. Our account manager stayed in good contact throughout the process. So far have seen big savings on our bills.

John & Erica P. Noble Park

We had a few issues with getting grid approval in the beginning. Matt and the team did all the negotiating for us and did a great job at resolving. We’re very confident to recommend these guys to friends and family.

Sandra and Mike L. Essendon

I hadn't looked at Solar because I heard from friends that it wasn't worth it as the feed-in tariffs were so low now. However, I explored the option with Matt from Solar Power Co because he took a different approach with us. He educated us on how Solar works & when it works so that I could understand if it would work for us. We installed 20 panels 6 months ago & I've spent $127 since then on power vs the $750 I was used to paying!

Neil & Prue

There were so many advertisements on TV for Solar & we received so many calls about installing it I felt I had no idea who to go with! The team at Solar Power Co. taught me the differences between the good, bad and ugly in Solar. They have access to multiple products so finding the right system for the right price & have it installed by a very experienced company gave me comfort to actually buy a system!!

Janith & Nemar

We knew we wanted high quality but we didn't know that we needed security. I never knew about third party insurance or how the manufacturer warranties work. The specialist Shayne explained what happens in the moments when something was to break & how different companies may offer similar warranties on paper but depending on their relationship with their manufacturer they cover their clients in different ways. Highly recommend a conversation with Shayne!

Hong & Louise

Steve always wanted Solar but I was never a believer. I just didn't know how it actually worked. Once we had an in-home assessment by Dave at Solar Power Co I knew exactly how it worked! No tricky sales words or smoke and mirrors, Dave took an honest educational approach in exploring our Solar options. We installed a huge 40 panel system and haven't paid an electricity bill in over 12 months!!

Georgia & Steve

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Why Choose

The Solar Power Co.

We believe in empowering and educating our clients, so they feel supported through their decision-making process. With over 2000 Solar retailers in Australia now, how do you know who the right company is to deal with? We have partnered with one of Australia's leading Solar retailers, Integra Energy Group to provide our clients a world class experience when they join the Solar movement. With over 15 years of Solar PV experience & over 10,000 individual installations Aus wide, we have put together a package that is the safest & most secure way to install Solar in our country. Our tight knit relationship with our manufacturers allow our clients to

have zero risk factor on their investment. We have a no questions asked, no money down replacement guarantee that gives our clients peace of mind. We recommend the highest quality Solar PV Modules, Inverters, Electrical equipment & have it professionally installed by a team that lives and breaths Solar. Our team of experienced, down to Earth specialists have been in the industry for many years. Our focus when we meet you is to understand your goals, your property & your future and design a system that will maximise your electricity bill reduction & deliver savings into your pocket!